Working on the ‘housing’ of these paper painting abstractions atm in the studio in Berlin.
installation wall drawing with paper work- approx 1.5m x 2m November 2020
Me in the studio playing incognito

Chor oil on board 24cm X 30cm

Activity in the studio – painting studio wall September 2019


What remains to be seen oil on board 30cm X 25cm 2019

Jacob's ladderJacob’s Ladder 

Boyle Arts festival 2019 exhibition ‘Legacy’ curated by Paul Mc Kenna


oil on linen on board  30cm X 25cm 2018

at Cairde Visual 2019

The Model presents Cairde Visual

July 6August 18

Opening reception Saturday, 6 July, 6-8pm. Cairde Sligo Arts Festival’s sixth annual open submission exhibition.

sermon to stones 2

sermon to stones oil on board 25cm X 30cm 2018

‘the sky is falling’ review by Slavka Sverakova

Web page 1 currentArt Spring Wochenende 2019

art spring 2019

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the sky is falling solo invite

‘the sky is falling’  at the Fenderesky Gallery until 14th June 2019

 Buildings are like birds1Pandora 2Pandora ‘she who sends up gifts’

oil on linen on board

30cm X 25cm 2018 

 a measure of the disorder of a system 4a measure of the disorder of a system 1


 a measure of the disorder of a system 2a measure of the disorder of a system 3














A measure of the disorder of a system

oil on linen 50cm x 40cm


The measure of a disorder of a system strategically defines my current art practice. My work is essentially a dialogue about the language of paint; working with colour and gesture, creating a controlled internal order on the canvas surface; when colour and touch are aligned the work attempts a dialogue with the viewer, an utterance on the nature of identity.

Belfast Pietà




Belfast Pietà & Miranda

at Beep Painting Biennial 2018

oil on linen on board 30 X 25 cm 2016-18

3. re-route: Sinead Aldridge 2018


oil on linen on board 30 X 25 cm 18 at

Cairde 2018

Small landscape_01






Small landscape

painting of the day 

Contemporary British Painting

1& 2

oil on linen on board 30 X 25 cm 2016-18

Recent activity in the studio.

Just took these two out again and managed to arrive at a finish.

Small landscape 2



on show at the 188th RHA Annunal Exhibition 22May- 11th August 2018

RHA Open 2018











Mary Heilman

comes to mind;

not quite-

nice idea


One never

knows what

might happen next.

Jacob's ladderResidency Fronberg August 2017


Jacob’s ladder

Group Show

Fenderesky Gallery Belfast







Artist Residency Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus Schwandorf-Fronberg Deutschland August 2017

The Ister a sketch 1

Beep 2016 Wales International Painting Biennial 2016BlakeBeep (Biennial exhibition of painting) is Wales’s only large-scale contemporary international painting exhibition taking place at different venues every two years. This year will see the main Beep2016 exhibition tour from Swansea to Wrexham and include satellite exhibitions, events and residencies in and around Swansea, Wrexham and Cardiff.

 paper wall


After Image: Recent Paintings Fenderesky Gallery Belfast N. Ireland 22. October – 21 November 2015

“… One day I would cross a threshold into an enormous park, an endless and beautiful park; in this park one ingenious invention would succeed another. Plants and music would follow in lovely mathematical alternation, delightful to the ear and answering to the utmost notions of delicacy; but this park was not there to be used, or wandered about in, because it consisted of a thousand and one small and miniscule square and rectangular and circular islets, pieces of lawn, each of them so individual that I would be unable to leave the one on which I was standing. In each case, there is a breadth and depth of water that prevents one from hopping from one island to another in my imagining. On the piece of grass which one has reached, how is a mystery, on which one has woken up, and where one is compelled to stay, one would finally perish of hunger and thirst. One’s longing to be able to walk through the whole park is finally deadly.” (Thomas Bernhard, Frost, trans. Michael Hofmann, Random House, 2008.)

 … then she returns to her paintings with this in tow. We must scratch, we must scrape beneath the painting, to see what these paintings show.

What do Sinéad’s paintings show? continue

 Dr Tony Partridge 2015img_0001_01

Studio Feb 2015  Fairground Attractions














Eigse Carlow 2009


….Forms are humbling, like old friars or nuns, whipped across the canvas in a quiet Baconesque spirit. The titles of the works are often plays on words, as are the paintings themselves, a play on what we see. An eye is buried at the core of the work titled Keeper. What Remains to be asked  leaves the question hanging in the air. …

Dermot Healy from A Sweep in time Exhibition Catalogue TEXT