Fast Time by Denis Farrell

Spring 2003 – Sinéad Aldridge at Model Arts and Niland Gallery

Circa 103 Review

20. Fast TimeI drove from Galway to Sligo for the opening of Sinéad Aldridge’s exhibition at the Model Arts Centre while Fallon and the Stones were jiggin’ it up on The Last Word . It was loud. But as I entered the first large gallery of small paintings the rock-‘n-roll fell respectfully silent. Discernible was the dollop, the felt swish, the measured scratch of this painter’s private goings-on. Things pertinent to the abstract painter and aesthetic intent.

In each painting creatures – civilised – comingle. Some of these creatures: daubs, strokes and globs of paint, huddle in deep philosophical discourse, some in critical argument, others in party fervour, a few alone, some entwined, crushed, separated, hiding, reappearing, gone or going. Orgies in a private space, exposed.

Floor Plan

These small grey containers are unapologetic, assertive, yet vulnerable all the same to the critique of historical abstraction. They looked at me and made me think of my intrusion and their vulnerability became my burden. This is not great painting but good. It takes guts to paint these pictures in a zeitgeist of the photographed urban wasteland. Aldridge has filled these vacant, abused spaces with humanity, love and hope. She is able to make grey colourful and reminded us that oil on canvas is infinite and inviting; historical and present. This reviewer looks forward to what her confidence promises.

Denis Farrell is a Fulbright Scholar and a graduate of Yale University MFA, 1993.

Sinéad Aldridge, Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo, November 2002

Article reproduced from CIRCA 103, Spring 2003, p. 87